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  • Baltica Fill Uomo
    PARKA IOPI Woman

    A great classic by Quagga: smoother fabrics for a superior comfort,...

    209,10 €
  • Parka Plush Woman
    Parka Plush Woman

    Plush, the multifunctional and super-padded parka ideal for both city...

    254,10 €
  • Iopi Tool
    Iopi Tool - 2017/18

    The Iopi & Plush Tool accessory allows you to increase the jacket...

    31,15 €
  • Baltica Fill Man
    Baltica Field man

    It is the fill, short version of the Baltica long, with same quality but...

    229,18 €
  • Parka68 Uomo
    Parka68 Unisex

    Quagga got the first inspiration from the most fashionable pieces in the...

    254,10 €
  • Baltica Fill Uomo
    Froze Woman 16/17

    High thermal protection, slim fit, whaterproof and breathable. Fake fur...

    262,30 €
  • Baltica Fill Uomo
    Ecoshell Man

    Excellent performance against cold, snow and rain: by Quagga experience...

    213,11 €
  • Baltica Fill Uomo
    Baltica Long man

    A real best-seller in the previous Quagga collection, it is a timeless...

    299,18 €
  • Parka68 Uomo
    Thermo Man

    Extra padded thermal jacket, regular fit, with detachable hood and...

    311,48 €
  • Felpa Uomo


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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items