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EcoShell Pro is a padded jacket designed for those who demand maximum protection.

Entirely produced in Italy by Quagga

Quagga, 100% Recycled, 100% Vegan, 100% Made in Italy

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Excellent performance against cold, snow and rain: from the Quagga experience comes EcoShell Pro, a padded jacket designed for those who demand maximum protection in city life, on mountain walks or on snow at low temperatures.


The details are designed to always guarantee high performances: windproof lycra cuffs, higher collar to protect the chin and ergonomic hood, waterproof zip, "Napoleon" front pocket, bottom in anti-abrasion material with contrasting color for a more technical and aggressive.

100% italian recycled polyester, 100% made in Italy. Water column 5,000 mm of impermeability, upper padding with excellent thermal value.

Regular Fit design, Lamb Fleece interior with lambskin effect for even greater comfort, integrated hood, two external pockets + one on the front and one internal, windproof closure, Lycra cuffs with thumb hole.

Quagga, the first all-Italian company emblem of eco-fashion.

It produces clothing in contexts of social justice free of discrimination, always placing respect for the environment, people and human relationships at the center of our business.

The strength and uniqueness of Quagga garments is in the rigor with which we select the materials, made up of 100% recycled fibers free of harmful substances responsible for allergies and potentially carcinogenic, to the total benefit of the health of the final consumer, of the workers. used for processing and the territory in which they take place.

Privileging environmental performance does not mean giving up technical performance, comfort or aesthetics. The design, always current and rich in details, takes on greater significance when combined with extraordinarily water-repellent fabrics, with microporous membranes that allow perfect transpiration; the garments are thus thermal and protective, durable and functional.

Quagga production is characterized by the careful research and selection of materials and suppliers: all the fabrics used are 100% recycled polyester with OEKO-TEX certification. Quagga boasts the highest rating (VVV +) of the Animal Free certification

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