Quagga is a righteous and loyal trademark, committed to countering traditional production mechanisms that are solely based on profit, and is dedicated through creativity, skill, and precision to the development of clothing that is responsible and sustainable towards the environment and the social context in which it is created.

1 - Quagga wants to become a symbol of responsible fashion and sustainable production. To achieve this goal, it is committed to meticulously selecting materials, partners, and suppliers on the basis of a logic that are far from pure economic convenience or comfort: the criteria are governed by a strict code of conduct, which gives priority to collaborations on the basis of:
I - Ethical and Environmental certifications obtained by producers (materials, accessories) and service providers (dyeing, processing, finishing). In the case of multiple companies with the same virtues, Quagga will favor those that are geographically closest to the packaging company.
II – Environmental characteristics and performance of materials (easily recyclable and/or from regenerated, biodegradable, and sustainable production processes).
III - Aesthetics and suitability of materials

2 - Quagga promotes a culture that respects the environment, in order to safeguard the growth and protect the health of individuals, as well as create better conditions for the future of new generations. Quagga puts environmental protection in the forefront when selecting technologies, corporate programs, and strategies, preventing pollution in all its forms and assessing the environmental impact of their products.
Quagga believes in the profound value of industrial and technological research aimed at improving the quality of the environment and life, knowing that their business is to serve the community and the common good.

3 - Quagga does not use leather, fur, feathers, or anything else that might cause unnecessary suffering to animals.

4 - Quagga adopts the 4R principle: Reduction in waste at the origin, Reusing materials, Recycling materials that are still usable, and Recuperating, both in terms of matter and energy.

5 - Quagga recognizes the central importance of the individual, the contribution of each individual, and the sharing of individual skills. This is why it is committed to ensuring a work environment that can protect and make the most of each individual, without direct or indirect discrimination, based on reasons that involve labor unions, politics, religion, race, language, or sex, recognizing the absolute value of the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, and also refusing to initiate negotiations or to commission partners who violate these principles.

6 - Quagga guarantees full respect of the principles of transparency and truthfulness. To this purpose, Quagga undertakes to ensure that all of its procedures and activities are lawful, consistent, documented, verifiable, and in accordance with the principle of traceability. Transparency not only imposes the respect of principles and ethical values, but also the implementation of methods that allow to furnish the necessary evidence required to enable the verification of these procedures.

7 - Quagga establishes its organization in compliance with the law and the principles of financial transparency, clean commerce, and good governance and is committed to complying with all accounting and financial procedures aimed at preventing irregularities, illegalities, and violations of specific regulations, with particular reference to the provisions regarding money laundering, fencing, and the use of money or goods of dubious origin.

8 - Quagga believes that protecting the ecosystem cannot rescind from correct information and the appropriate involvement of individuals. This is why Quagga is committed to promoting its business in a reliable, objective, and sincere manner.

9 - Quagga respects all forms of lawful competition, does not take place in unfair competition, and is committed to conducting business negotiations in respect of the rights of others, without falsifying data, documents, or other information that could be useful in asserting itself over its competitors, believing that only the quality of their products can lead to the growth of its market.

10 - Quagga is characterized by the periodic publication of the results achieved in its research (more environmentally friendly and sustainable production systems and organic materials), competing brands that wish to improve their ethical and environmental standards can also benefit from this.