Quagga ethical fashion

New Crowdfunding Campaign: Exclusive Preorder AW 18/19

During Style Consapevole, the Milan event of 20 March, in which precious experiences and salient testimonies from the world of sustainable fashion were concentrated, Quagga presented to the public its Fall Winter 2019/19 collection and its new crowdfunding campaign on Ulule . Quagga, the emblematic brand of ethical and ecological fashion wants to involve its …
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Code of Ethics

Quagga is a righteous and loyal trademark, committed to countering traditional production mechanisms that are solely based on profit, and is dedicated through creativity, skill, and precision to the development of clothing that is responsible and sustainable towards the environment and the social context in which it is created. 1 – Quagga wants to become a symbol of responsible fashion and sustainable production. To achieve this goal, it is committed to meticulously selecting materials, partners, and suppliers on the basis of a logic that are far from pure economic convenience or comfort: the criteria are governed by a strict code of conduct, which gives priority to collaborations on the basis of: …
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100% RECYCLED POLYESTER Obtained from common plastic bottles, recycled polyester has been used for many years in theclothing sector with enormous benefits to the environment: it allows for not wasting non-renewable resources, such as oil, and reduces the amount of plastic that is disposed of in landfills. Moreover,thanks to new manufacturing processes that have significantly reduced energy use during recycling, polyester has further improved its environmental performance and is available on the market at affordable prices. This is a very important step forward if you take into consideration that, up to a fewyears ago, it could hardly compete with what was obtained from cheaper virgin fibres. Quagga uses only recycled polyester produced in Italy, in the province of Como, obtained from 100% recycled fibres with a tracking …
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FEATHERS Quagga does not use and will never use feathers forits padding. The soft, warm, and lightweight down jackets and coats that the fashion industry presents to us as a “must” for the winter season actuallyconceal a horrifying the truth: intensive breeding farms, geese that at two months of age are hung by their necks and immobilized for their firstdefeathering inflicted by personnel, paid by the job, who cannot afford to work gently, so sometimes pieces of meat are also removed with the feathers. Those that survive through the pain and shockundergo a second defeathering after two months, then a third, and a fourth, until they are decapitated and slaughtered. The less fortunate stay alive, and their ordeal involves being force fed through a gavage tube that reaches the stomach, until their livers become huge and …
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Quagga project: the group

If the obtuse drag us to the bottom of the earth It must be that, day after day, I have been dreaming for too long. Ivano Fossati, from “I Dreamt a Road” Each of us has worked for many years with some of the leading international clothing brands, contributing to their success and their achievements. Designingclothing collections is a great job and also a very creative one. Designing garments, and then seeing them created ​​and displayed in the window of some shop,generates priceless emotions, as it is also rewarding to see it worn, around the world, by people who have tried it on, chosen it, and then purchased it. Especiallywinter clothes: they protect us from …
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