THE QUAGGA NAME - Quagga Moda - Eco Abbigliamento
nome quagga


The Quagga was a gentle and harmless equine that populated South AfricaA subspecies of the plains zebra that, due to the quality of its meat and its hide, was wiped out towards mid-nineteenth century. The last specimen (pictured leftdied in the Amsterdam Zoo in 1883The Quagga was recently brought back into existence, following the success of a selection process called “breeding back”coordinated by Dr. Reinhold Rau (1932-2006pictured in the middle photo with white hair and beardaffectionately called the Quagga Man”), along with other researchersWith the somewhat nutty determination and idealism that distinguishes true dreamersthey devoted themselves towards reintroducing this animal into its natural habitatA beautiful story with a happy ending in which everyonewinsespecially the ecosystem and biodiversity – an important signal that, not haphazardly, was chosen to represent our work.

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