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dress responsibly

Dress Responsibly

Quagga, the first all-Italian company and ecofashion emblem, was founded in 2010 by the work of a group of designers with very different experiences. We design Heads of sustainable and responsible clothing, made of social justice contexts without discrimination, always placing at the center of our activities respect for the environment, for people and for human relationships.

The strength and uniqueness of Quagga garments is in the rigor with which we select the materials, made of 100% recycled fibers free of harmful substances responsible for allergies and potentially carcinogenic, to the advantage of the final consumer health, the workers engaged to work and the territory in which they are held. All project stakeholders – suppliers of fabric, padding and accessory parts – are selected according to the environmental certifications achieved and their willingness to find below our increasingly sustainable and efficient materials directives.

Prioritize environmental performance does not mean giving up the technical performance, comfort or aesthetics. The design, timeless and rich in detail, takes on greater significance when combined with extraordinarily water-repellent fabrics, with microporous membranes, which allow perfect perspiration; the leaders are as thermal and protective, durable and functional.

The fit is excellent, the proportions and volumes are suitable for different body sizes and enhance the best figure without restricting movement in the city and in his spare time. Quagga The production is characterized by the careful research and selection of materials and suppliers: all the fabrics used are 100% recycled polyester with OEKO-TEX certification. Quagga boasts the highest rating (VVV +) of the Animal Free certification.

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