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Progetto quagga moda etica e sostenibile

Quagga project: the group

Quagga project: ethical clothing from renewed plastic
The Quagga project: ethical fashion from renewed plastic.
Who we are and where we come from: the path that led us to the conception of the Quagga project.

Quagga designers have collaborated for many years with some of the most important international clothing brands contributing to their success, to their affirmation. Designing clothing collections is a beautiful, extremely creative job. Designing a garment and then seeing it made and displayed in the window of some shop generates priceless sensations. Just as it is gratifying to see it worn, around the world, by people who have tried, chosen and purchased that garment. Especially winter clothes: they protect us from cold, rain and snow, become travel companions and adventures. It is nice to think, for those who do our job, that someone entrusts them with the care of their well-being in the coldest season.

The genesis of a new responsible consumer determined to change

Fortunately, for some time now many independent publications and some television programs have been denouncing the questionable behavior of these manufacturing companies and their commercial policies aimed at making certain products (clothing, footwear and fashion accessories, furniture) easily available at attractive prices. This has contributed to making an increasingly important part of the public more responsible and prepared, the one composed of consumers who therefore decide to change their purchasing habits by granting their preferences to companies that can guarantee ethics, sustainability, responsibility of own products: an army of critical and aware consumers who can really bring about change.

Valid certifications and ethical responsibility: our trump cards.

The Quagga project is dedicated to a critical and aware public: no other brand of winter protective clothing has ever paid so much scrupulous attention to environmental sustainability and the ethical responsibility of its products. All the actors of the project (suppliers of fabric, padding and accessory small parts) are selected on the basis of the environmental certifications achieved and their willingness to identify increasingly sustainable and performing materials under our directives.

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